Agood deed is never lost essay

A. The best example comes from an actual case of mine from years ago. As I discussed with the
clients their many options to avoid the pending foreclosure I casually said "You do want to keep
the house, right?"They responded something like this "You mean we don't have to live here
anymore? You know a way to move out of this rat infested sink hole? We don't have to endure
the caustic neighbors or smell the backed up septic system anymore? We can move to a place
closer to our jobs where the roof doesn't leak and foundation isn't crumbling?" With great
excitement in their voices they asked "Can we really do that?" From that conversation forward I
never again discussed mortgage foreclosure options without examining a deed in lieu of foreclosure
or short sale.

One of the thing is, you cannot sit on the fence. You have to take action. You just can’t sit by and think, I’ve got to learn everything I can before I get started in this business. No, the biggest teacher is usually experience. Just do your due diligence and you’ll learn how to do that and you’ll hear from Dave Schumacher, the President, Tax Title Services and he’ll tell you and anyone else will that in order to have success in this business is that you have to take action alright. You have to take some action. So we’re going to have these podcast and hope to continue sharing great information with you and we’ll go ahead and bring on our first guest.

Agood deed is never lost essay

a good deed is never lost essay


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