Astronomy thesis topics

In 2005, Plait started the Bad Astronomy blog. In July 2008, it moved to a new host, Discover Magazine . While it is primarily an astronomy blog, Plait also posts about skepticism , pseudoscience , antiscience topics, with occasional personal and political posts. On November 12, 2012, the Bad Astronomy blog moved to Slate magazine . [22] Plait told Richard Saunders in an interview that "they [Slate] are very supportive... a new community." Revisiting old posts, Plait stated, "I've written about everything, when you've written 7,000 blog posts you've pretty much written about every topic in astronomy." [23]

The pre-eminent VLBI arrays operating today are the Very Long Baseline Array (with telescopes located across North America) and the European VLBI Network (telescopes in Europe, China, South Africa and Puerto Rico). Each array usually operates separately, but occasional projects are observed together producing increased sensitivity. This is referred to as Global VLBI. There are also a VLBI networks, operating in Australia and New Zealand called the LBA (Long Baseline Array), [19] and arrays in Japan, China and South Korea which observe together to form the East-Asian VLBI Network (EAVN). [20]

Astronomy thesis topics

astronomy thesis topics


astronomy thesis topicsastronomy thesis topicsastronomy thesis topicsastronomy thesis topics