Bone cancer research paper

The Bone Cancer Research Trust has an annual ‘Awareness Week’ during which the charity concentrates on gaining as much local and national media coverage as possible in order to inform and educate people about primary bone cancer symptoms. [2] [3] [4] [5] The Bone Cancer Research Trust website information about symptoms of bone cancers is more complete than all other UK and Irish sources of information. This is important for medical practitioners when they are diagnosing as well as for young people and their parents when they need to be aware that some symptoms really do need to be checked by a doctor.

External beam radiation therapy may be used to treat bone pain and spinal cord compression. It is also used to prevent or help heal broken bones, or fractures. During external beam radiation therapy, a machine directs a beam of radiation through the skin. It is directed at a specific area of bone where there is pain or that needs treatment. How long external beam radiation is used depends on the goal of treatment, the number of bones affected by cancer and other factors. A short course of radiation therapy is often used for bone metastases. This usually means that it is given once a day for 5 days. A single radiation treatment may be given.

Bone cancer research paper

bone cancer research paper


bone cancer research paperbone cancer research paperbone cancer research paperbone cancer research paper