Example of ged essay

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Ask yourself:
1. Can I DRAW CONCLUSIONS between two texts that share similar themes and topics?
2. Can I COMPARE two texts that have similar ideas and themes? Can I apply my knowledge of perspective, tone, structure, and purpose of these two texts?
3. Can I COMPARE two argumentative text s with one another? Can I ANALYZE the evidence in each and draw conclusions?
4. Can I look at visual information and DETERMINE whether it supports or discredits information and author intent of another piece of text?
5. Can I COMPARE two texts from different genres or formats? Can I find similarities or differences in purpose, overall meaning and audience intent?
6. Can I COMPARE two texts with differing genres, but with similar themes , to synthesize details , apply information and draw conclusions ?

Example of ged essay

example of ged essay


example of ged essayexample of ged essayexample of ged essayexample of ged essay