How to write a poetry paper

In the rehab center,
most were not so lucky.
Their night racket echoed
along dark corridors.
Less roar, more low rumble.
Someone in a wheelchair
told me once that people
never look at them eye
to eye. As if downcast
stares will avoid a like
fate. Or perhaps skip past
guilty speculations
about how one arrives
in spaces where points of
view suddenly shift like
earthquake fault lines. When I
go out, cane poised, perhaps
cloak will extend to me
as well. I know the world
will hear me arriving.

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It is useful to follow some standard conventions when writing about poetry. First, when you analyze a poem, it is best to use present tense rather than past tense for your verbs. Second, you will want to make use of numerous quotations from the poem and explain their meaning and their significance to your argument. After all, if you do not quote the poem itself when you are making an argument about it, you damage your credibility. If your teacher asks for outside criticism of the poem as well, you should also cite points made by other critics that are relevant to your argument. A third point to remember is that there are various citation formats for citing both the material you get from the poems themselves and the information you get from other critical sources. The most common citation format for writing about poetry is the Modern Language Association (MLA) format .

How to write a poetry paper

how to write a poetry paper


how to write a poetry paperhow to write a poetry paperhow to write a poetry paperhow to write a poetry paper