Making cigarettes illegal essay

(5) I was a heavy smoker 50-60 cigarettes every day, year in and out for some 30 years. With serious spine problems for some 10 years now and unable to ever work again, I found myself just sitting around day and night unable to sleep and just smoking more and more. Then late last year a scan on my upper spine also revealed I had moderate emphysema from smoking, so I decided enough was enough I had to stop smokeing. In the past I had tried to give up smoking with all the normal stuff thats been around for years!! But none of them were helpful at all, I just wasted more money I didn’t have, even the new wonder pills didn’t work. Slowly of recent I heard more about Vaping and armed with my trusty Tablet off I went researching the one thing I was pretty sure would help me too stop smoking. I have been vaping for 6 weeks now and not a cigarette to be seen in the house and “”No no I’ve not touched 1 cigarette since”” in fact I can not stand the smell of them anymore. Even if vaping was illegal, I’d still do it, as the benefits are just to good to lose.

I've never been into drugs and smoking but being with my boyfriend, a heavy drinker, smoker and drugs taker, smoking and drinking became a normal thing to do with him. Alcohol and tobacco pretty much took over the both of our lives, relaxed us and calmed our nerves I was steeling gin from my parents drink cupboard to sit and drown myself with whenever we argued because it reminded me, and I used to go out on walks with my best friend and we'd sit and smoke 2-3 cigarettes. After school one day I was meeting my boyfriend in town and his friends were laughing at me, and pointing.

Making cigarettes illegal essay

making cigarettes illegal essay


making cigarettes illegal essaymaking cigarettes illegal essaymaking cigarettes illegal essaymaking cigarettes illegal essay