Medical school admission essay sample

People are only half-joking when they describe a medical career as a “jealous lover” who takes over the practitioner’s life. Studies have found that doctors tend to have a very high divorce rate and, ironically, a relatively short life expectancy. That situation seems to be changing somewhat, precisely because the younger doctors coming into the profession now insist on more work-life balance than their elders were willing to accept. Still, medicine is far more than a job. It takes as much dedication to thrive in a medical career as it does to get into medical school and to excel in medical training.

6. Demonstrating poor interview skills. Once an applicant reaches the interview stage, the interview is the most important determinant of success. Typically, interviewees with great interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are naturally better interviewees than applicants who are more introverted. Applicants who are very nervous, not articulate, or who aren’t comfortable  peaking about themselves can under-perform during the interview. Even though some US medical schools are adopting the multiple mini interview (MMI) format, most medical schools still conduct one-on-one interviews. Contrary to what most medical school applicants believe when they start this process, medical school interviews are typically relaxed dialogues; the interviewer is trying to get to know each applicant, assess if he or she has the qualities and characteristics the school is seeking in medical students, and if he is a good fit for the school. While a certain degree of subjectivity influences every interview experience, applicants can perform well if they practice speaking about themselves before the interview and if they clearly express their motivations and experiences that influenced their decision to practice medicine.

Medical school admission essay sample

medical school admission essay sample


medical school admission essay samplemedical school admission essay samplemedical school admission essay samplemedical school admission essay sample