Population explosion essay ielts

Even dystopian Haiti is down to from at the time of the earthquake in 2010, although with little thanks to the enormous number of NGO charities that white people run on that densely populated and deforested Caribbean country to keep the Haitians fed. After the 2010 earthquake, I looked for foreign charities boasting online of providing contraception to Haitians, but could find almost none. Apparently, that would be racist, even though a lower population growth rate clearly ought to be the highest priority for that impoverished land.

But progress has been slow. Mo Ibrahim, the billionaire African entrepreneur, created in partnership with Harvard University a good governance foundation that produces an index of African governance. The index consists of 95 indicators in four categories: Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity, and Human Development. Between 2006 and 2016 the index only improved from 49 to 50. Progress was held back by a decline of almost three points in Safety and Rule of Law, the category that reflects armed conflict between and within countries, as well as corruption and general lawlessness.

Population explosion essay ielts

population explosion essay ielts


population explosion essay ieltspopulation explosion essay ieltspopulation explosion essay ieltspopulation explosion essay ielts