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I have 10 years of IT experience and Engineering degree and I have worked for India, US and UK clients.
I have performed the different roles such as system Engineer, System Administrator, Analyst programmer, IT Analyst and Technical Lead in my tenure. I have involved in project management activities since 4+ years for multiple projects. Could you tell me that can I elligible for PMP exam?
If a 4500 hours of project management experience is mandatory for PMP then could you tell me how can i calculate it if I have worked on multiple project simultaneously.
Waiting for your reply!!

The Plus plan, which is targeted towards small project groups, is available for $49 per month and supports an unlimited number of users. It also offers 15 GB of storage and accommodates up to 35 projects. For large groups, the Premium plan offers 30 GB of storage, unlimited users, and support for up to 100 projects at a price tag of $99 per month. The most expensive plan, called Max, provides unlimited projects and users with 75 GB of storage at a cost of $149 per month. There is also a free plan which allows for an unlimited number of users, a single project, but no file sharing. All paid plans include the full suite of features and the ability to purchase add-ons, such as mobile device support and integration with third party software.

Project work online

project work online


project work onlineproject work onlineproject work onlineproject work online