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The Oakland growth study is one of Cover Jones' most influential studies. The Oakland growth study was the third in a series of longitudinal studies from Berkeley College . The first study in the trio was the Berkeley Growth Study, looking at newborns (1928), followed by the Berkeley Guidance study, looking at preschool age children (1928). Both studies were done by looking at children living in Berkeley, California. [8] The Oakland Growth Study (OGS) was led by Cover Jones and her husband. The study began in 1932 in Oakland, California. The Study followed 212 students in the fifth and sixth grade who were born between the years 1920-1921. [9] The participants were studied twice a year until they graduated from high school. The study's primary goal was to understand typical adolescence. They looked at physical abilities, physiological changes, and peer relationships. [8] They were then studied in adulthood at ages 38, 48, and 60 years old. [10] The studies in adulthood consisted of interviews, questionnaires, personality inventories , and health assessments. The final interview of participants took place in 1980, when Cover Jones was 83 years old.

Catapult Centres do not currently meet the Research Councils’ eligibility criteria for Independent Research Organisations as they have been established by the public sector as detailed in the Research Councils' joint statement on eligibility. Organisations that are eligible to apply for RCUK research funding may work in partnership or collaboration with any other organisation, irrespective of its eligibility status, this includes Catapult Centres. This as a key way of ensuring academic-Catapult collaboration. Catapult Centres may be named contractors within research grants, and for some Research Councils, their staff may be eligible as Co-Investigators (See ESRC and MRC rules on eligibility for Co-Investigators).

Research paper cover page apa style

research paper cover page apa style


research paper cover page apa styleresearch paper cover page apa styleresearch paper cover page apa styleresearch paper cover page apa style