Theological thesis

This year we celebrate 50 years of the Lord’s blessing upon Reformed Theological Seminary, even as we look forward in faith and hope to what is to come. The yearly cost of tuition for a full-time student is approximately $12,500 (though the actual cost to RTS is higher). More than 70% of current students need some level of financial assistance to alleviate this cost. Our students work hard, and not just in their studies. They often hold two or even three jobs in order to make ends meet. They are already sacrificing in order to prepare for ministry. We want to help them. Would you consider helping our future church leaders come to learn and grow at RTS by giving to the general scholarship fund?

Include here additional experiences or qualities that you feel contribute to who you are and who you could be as an employee. For example, if you're outgoing socially, note that you have "excellent interpersonal skills." If you've traveled widely, are fluent in a foreign language, or have lived in other cultures, these deserve mentioning! Computer skills are especially important to note.

Having hobbies also communicates that you are a well-rounded person with a variety of interests and experiences to bring to the position. Keep in mind that an employer does not want to know too much personal information about you. Include only the type of hobbies that are somewhat related to the position.

Ed Loane joined the faculty in second semester 2014. He is a graduate of Sydney University and Moore College (where he graduated with First Class Honours), and has completed his PhD (at the University of Cambridge) on the doctrine of the church in the writing of William Temple, a twentieth century Archbishop of Cantebury. He has served in Anglican churches in the dioceses of Sydney and Ely and has lectured in the Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Ed brings to the faculty a passion for church history and theology and a commitment to evangelical pastoral ministry. He is married to Jocelyn and they have five children, Jemima, Sophie, Benjamin, Samuel and Abigail.

Theological thesis

theological thesis


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