Thesis on qpsk

This tutorial on ofdm has proved to be really really enlightening. I have read a lot of other tutorials but nothing comes close to this. I am writing a thesis on low-power wireless systems and would like to use certain explanations from your tutorial. Would you grant me the permission for the same? I would only be using it to explain OFDM while my thesis is much beyond OFDM. My work only uses the concept of OFDM and goes deep devising techniques for low power wireless communication. Since you have copyrighted your work, it is courtesy to ask you before using it.

guys i am getting a very surprising result which i wanna discuss with u people…coz its confusing me…
actually i have to make OFDM bandwidth efficient…for this purpose when i completely removed cyclic prefix(guard interval) i saw that number of bit errors increases and probabilty of error increases as well…and this is logical….but thats not the case with 54Mbps datarate…For 54Mbps when i removed the guard interval it starts showing less bit errors and data rate became improved….why happened openly for 54Mbps…Plzzzzzzz help me out why this is happening????
waiting for replies…

Thesis on qpsk

thesis on qpsk


thesis on qpskthesis on qpskthesis on qpskthesis on qpsk