Urban and rural essays

MSc Urban Planning is suited to a range of entrants - graduates from related disciplines, such as geography, professionals from planning practice and those from non-related backgrounds who are passionate about the subject. It is accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute and prepares you for work as a planner in a wide range of roles, including in local or central government, private practice and the third sector. We also prepare you for potential work outside the UK, with an international context to the knowledge and skills you develop.

When there is migration into cities, and there is not competitive automobile based development keeping rents low, the migrants frequently do not have incomes sufficient to compete with existing income earners for housing space; hence either informal housing slums or "market" solution apartments with extremely high density and overcrowding. Now that some developed nation cities are getting themselves median multiples typically closer to 10 (due to anti growth regulations) the logical development would be informal housing if it was not banned; or denser and denser and lower and lower quality apartments for those at the bottom end of the income distribution.

Urban and rural essays

urban and rural essays


urban and rural essaysurban and rural essaysurban and rural essaysurban and rural essays